Mission & Philosophy

Eagle Rock’s mission is stated in two sentences, one pertaining to work with young people and the other to work with educators: An Eagle Rock student has the desire and is prepared to make a difference in the world. Eagle Rock has a positive effect on schools in the United States.

Eagle Rock is a value-driven school. A fundamental philosophy, “Eight Plus Five Equals Ten,” has animated Eagle Rock since its inception. The eight themes, five expectations, and ten commitments shape daily living; they are the source and purpose of ongoing conversations.

Eight Themes

Individual Integrity

  • Intellectual Discipline
  • Physical Fitness
  • Spiritual Development
  • Aesthetic Expression


  • Service to Others
  • Cross-cultural Understanding
  • Democratic Governance
  • Environmental Stewardship
Five Expectations
  • Developing an expanding knowledge base
  • Communicating effectively
  • Creating and making healthy life choices
  • Participating as an engaged global citizen
  • Providing leadership for justice
Students working together as a team
Ten Commitments
  • Live in respectful harmony with others
  • Develop mind, body, and spirit
  • Learn to communicate in speech and writing
  • Serve the Eagle Rock and other communities
  • Become a steward of the planet
  • Make healthy personal choices
  • Find, nurture and develop the artist within
  • Increase capacity to exercise leadership for justice
  • Practice citizenship and democratic living
  • Devise an enduring moral and ethical code