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    May 19

    Preparing Leaders For Deeper Learning

    I think the number one mindset I engage with is that leaders have to look at whether or not they are willing to have ownership of the vision of their schools vs. seeing themselves as being compliant. It’s not an either/or. As a leader, you should stand for what you believe in and figure out how to address the external work as you go as opposed to looking at the external demands and fitting into that first. The permissions seeking mindset is detrimental. Instead, leaders can take a real leadership stance and buffer staff from the external demands.” On School Leadership: Mindsets for Visionary Leaders featuring an interview with Michael Soguero, director of professional development, Eagle Rock Professional Development Center

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    May 15

    Big Picture Learning - You don’t need a Therapist; you just need a Critical Friends Group

    The Mid-Atlantic Critical Friends Group was born of a conversation in Nashville in 2010. Michael Soguero, newly the director of the Eagle Rock Professional Development Center...

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    May 5

    Eagle Rock Supports Vermont's Rowland Foundation Fellows

    The Professional Development Center at Eagle Rock will continue education renewal work in collaboration with The Rowland Foundation in Burlington, Vermont on May 7 & 8, 2015


Eagle Rock is both a school for high school age students and a professional development center for adults, particularly educators. The school is a year-round, residential, and full-scholarship school that enrolls young people ages 15-17 from around the United States in an innovative learning program with national recognition.

The Professional Development Center works with educators from around the country who wish to study how to re-engage, retain and graduate students. We provide consulting services at school sites and host educators who study and learn from Eagle Rock practices.