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    Jun 24 2015

    Eagle Rock Supports West Coast Big Picture Learning schools

    The Professional Development Center at Eagle Rock will be supporting multiple west coast Big Picture Learning schools in developing a West Coast Critical Friends Group on June 25 & 26, 2015....

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    Jun 24 2015

    Eagle Rock Continues Support of Bronx High School

    The Professional Development Center at Eagle Rock continues to support Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School in the Bronx, NY. After a year of supporting the implementing of peer intervisitations and authentic intellectual framework, we are returning Jun 29 & 30 to facilitate the Humanities department retreat focusing on developing strong research skills and products among all students.

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    Jun 22 2015

    CU Boulder - Teachers learn ins and outs of infographics

    This summer, a research project led by the University of Colorado Boulder will train a handful of local teachers to use infographics in their classrooms as a tool to engage students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields...

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    Jun 12 2015

    Eagle Rock Student Citizen Scientists Study Mercury in Dragonfly Larvae

    Eagle Rock School students as a part of a five week class are serving as citizen scientists in Rocky Mountain National Park to collect dragonfly larvae from distinct sampling sites. The study connects people to parks and provides baseline data to better understand the spatial distribution of mercury contamination in national parks.

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    Jun 11 2015

    Estes Park Trail Gazette - Things to get swingin' at Performance Park

    Anthony Welch

    Big Band Bash is a free concert thanks to the Town of Estes Park's continued support. The organization would also like to thank its generous sponsors: Best Western Plus Silver Saddle, the Bank of Estes Park, Comfort Inn, Colorado Homestead, Flash Electric, the Fine Arts Guild, Eagle Rock School, the Rotary Club and KUVO Jazz Radio 89.3 FM.

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    Jun 09 2015

    Eagle Rock Supports Winooski Middle/High School

    The Professional Development Center at Eagle Rock will continue education renewal work in collaboration with Winooski Middle/High School on June 15-19, 2015 as they support WMHS's continued progress towards ensuring graduates are ready for success in college, career, and citizenship using a proficiency-based graduation system.

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    Jun 09 2015

    Estes Park Schools Collaborate on Professional Learning Community Work

    The Professional Development Center at Eagle Rock will be supporting the Estes Park School District to successfully implement district initiatives using Professional Learning Communities. On June 10-12, two members of Eagle Rock's team will be joining Estes Park administrators and teachers for the three-day Las Vegas Professional Learning Communities at Work™ Institute, creating a shared experience on which to build our partnership.

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    Jun 04 2015

    Big Picture Learning - Who's on the Team?

    Eunice Mitchell, Regional Director for Network Support & Innovation

    The Eagle Rock Professional Development Center could not have planned and facilitated our time better to capture how critical it is to know the team, access the talent/passions of the team, and how important it is for leaders to master what Glenn Llopis calls the “art of people”...

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    May 19 2015

    Preparing Leaders For Deeper Learning

    Authored by Karen Cator, Bonnie Lathram, Carri Schneider and Tom Vander Ark

    I think the number one mindset I engage with is that leaders have to look at whether or not they are willing to have ownership of the vision of their schools vs. seeing themselves as being compliant. It’s not an either/or. As a leader, you should stand for what you believe in and figure out how to address the external work as you go as opposed to looking at the external demands and fitting into that first. The permissions seeking mindset is detrimental. Instead, leaders can take a real leadership stance and buffer staff from the external demands.” On School Leadership: Mindsets for Visionary Leaders featuring an interview with Michael Soguero, director of professional development, Eagle Rock Professional Development Center

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    May 15 2015

    Big Picture Learning - You don’t need a Therapist; you just need a Critical Friends Group

    Dana Luria, Regional Director for Network Support & Innovation

    The Mid-Atlantic Critical Friends Group was born of a conversation in Nashville in 2010. Michael Soguero, newly the director of the Eagle Rock Professional Development Center...

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