Eagle Rock is a place where diverse young lives join together to conquer goals, set new ones, and analyze all the struggles we have been through. Minds stretch and souls are rejuvenated after visiting Eagle Rock for as short a time as our weekly visitor tours.

Coral Ann Schmid

I have attended many schools but never one quite like Eagle Rock. I started my Eagle Rock career by spending 25 days in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona as part of the new student orientation program. I have been a part of many Eagle Rock courses including Colorado Rocks where I spent three out of four days outside in an experiential setting. Colorado Rocks, an integrated learning experience that includes environmental science, health, history, literature and outdoor education is a sure reminder that I was in a different learning environment than ever before. I address all my instructors by their first names and work with them one on one in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

One of my favorite times of the day at Eagle Rock is during meals in our dining Lodge, when all staff and students are together enjoying an amazing meal together and chatting about the latest political hot topic. Eagle Rock offered me a home where I could grow and reflect on my learning both academically and personally. Unlike many schools, Eagle Rock dedicates time and energy toward personal growth using 8 + 5 = 10 as a powerful set of values. Students and staff spend lots of time holding each other accountable. Presentations of Learning are every day occurrences at Eagle Rock in addition to serving as a celebration of learning for each of us at the end of every trimester.

Student voice and leadership at Eagle Rock is very strong. In fact, a lot of what happens at Eagle Rock is student-led. There are endless possibilities for any club, group, learning experience or activity to become a reality such as a student taught salsa dance class. We host a lot of educators at Eagle Rock through our Professional Development Center so they can learn what we do. I even had the chance to help give a presentation with staff and a fellow student at the Coalition of Essential Schools Summer Institute in Tacoma, Washington.

My time at Eagle Rock has spun me 180 degrees and I will forever be giving back to Eagle Rock School.

Coral Ann