Expeditionary Learning Schools Outward Bound has benefited from the Professional Development opportunities at Eagle Rock each year since 1994.

EL teachers and administrators from across the country have gathered at Eagle Rock for intensive work designing curriculum and improving the craft of instruction. The content of our staff development has been enhanced, enriched, and extended by the opportunity for our participants to interact with the Eagle Rock students, staff, and experience the Eagle Rock curriculum. The physical surroundings, both natural and human created, nurture a learning environment that maximizes the experience. We have found the Professional Development Center staff attentive to our needs and willing to accommodate our requests. Eagle Rock is an ideal learning environment for adults.

Scott Gill, Regional Director
Expeditionary Learning Schools
Outward Bound

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We appreciate the opportunity that you have given us to bring our student teachers every semester to walk a few days with your students. For the most part, our students come from traditional schools and student teach in traditional schools. How will they learn about alternative methods of meeting the needs of students who are not succeeding in traditional schools?

Thanks to your mission and hospitality, Hastings College students have had the opportunity to observe the growth and development of students who have come to Eagle Rock with a history of frustration. Follow-up phone calls, interviews, and informal contacts with our teacher education graduates confirm that they have remembered lessons learned at Eagle Rock. We are confident that our Hastings College/Eagle Rock alums are better prepared to serve children and youth because of the Eagle Rock experience.

William A. Locke, Ph.D.
Professor of Teacher Education
Hastings College

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Eagle Rock goes out of its way to be both an interesting place to learn and a warm, welcoming place to stay. Thanks for creating such an inviting place.

Jonathan Schorr,
High School Program Director KIPP Foundation

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I visit Eagle Rock each year with our group of AmeriCorps Members. I am inspired each time by what I see there - the energy of the students and staff is magnetic! I love the way they'll be building a boat in math class and learning about water management right here in Colorado in science class.

It's relevant, student centered, and effective. Morning Gathering is one of my favorite times too - watching the way the community holds its members accountable in a caring way is inspiring.

Elyana Cohen, Project Coordinator
I Have A Dream Foundation of Boulder County

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"Inspiring!" "Transformational!" "Awesome!" These are the consistent reactions from the scores of YouthBuild program directors I have taken to Eagle Rock over the past six years. We spend 3 days at a time there as part of the YouthBuild USA Directors Fellows Program. Each time, the 12-14 of us live together in the comfortable "bunkhouse" and have our working sessions in the well-equipped and beautiful Professional Development Center, set up to host groups like ours, either to learn about the Eagle Rock school or to be in that environment to do their own learning. The center is a separate building with cathedral ceilings and glass walls looking out at the meadows and mountains, a fireplace, a library, couches, kitchenette, carpeting, several breakout rooms, ample space for a group our size. This Professional Development Center is in the heart of the campus, which is nestled on a square mile of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Elk are frequent visitors near the campus.

Our time at Eagle Rock is always transformative! We could see that the core values and integrity of the school were embedded everywhere in the architecture, the standards, the relationships among students and between students and staff, the curriculum, the daily rituals everything. Quality was everywhere.

John Bell, Vice President
Leadership Development & the Academy for Transformation,
YouthBuild USA

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The Professional Development Center at Eagle Rock School propelled the start of Academy High School through modeling and practicing inquiry practices while helping us to develop the central focus of our new school. Through the use of protocols we stretched our thinking by looking at teaching, learning and leadership through an inquiry lens.

Eldon Wire, Director
Skyview Academy High School
Thornton, Colorado

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It is with great enthusiasm, hope and confidence that we enter into a mentee/mentor relationship with Eagle Rock School. Our initial visit to Eagle Rock was amazing! Though we were in awe of the physical beauty of the surroundings and the resources available to students to support their learning, it was the relationship between students and adults that inspired us the most. Our conversations with students confirmed our belief that these youth have learned who they are, what they believe and how to express themselves in what is obviously a supportive and nurturing environment. That students were willing to take risks by sharing their feelings in an all-school meeting while visitors were present, is evidence of high expectations and a deep sense of trust and support.

Eagle Rock has so much to share and we look forward to learning from them, not only how to improve our instructional practice, but also how to build a school culture that, like Eagle Rock, holds students at the center of everything we do. We have no doubt that our learning will be authentic, rigorous and valuable!

Joan Ferrigno, Principal
Odyssey - The Essential School
Seatac, Washington

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