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The future is unwritten

You are not bound to stick to the script, or continue the way you started. You don’t have to repeat the mistakes of the past, or accept the way it’s always been done. The outdated thinking, the old excuses - the Nos, the Can’ts, the Won’ts, the Shouldn’ts - they have no power over you. From this moment forward, it’s your turn.

The future belongs to those who dare

Those who dare…

To show up and speak up
To right the wrongs and rewrite narratives
To dig deeper and think bigger
To imagine a just world, and unite to build it
To bring everything you are to the table - your roots and culture, your identities and perspectives, your struggles and strengths
To become the highest version of yourself, driven by dreams greater than any one person

For those who dare, there’s Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock is a liberating force in education. We are the next generation of leaders, claiming our power and raising our voices. In a community of love, leadership, liberation and dignity, we are a family that grows stronger year after year. We believe our best days lie ahead, and they are ours to create. If you’re ready to join us, to transform yourself and the world, this is your invitation. The future has never needed you more.

Our Pillars


Transform your life through experiential education


Challenge personal and systemic boundaries


Grow your leadership


Advocate to create a liberated world

Who we're for

Do you embrace the power of diversity? Are you boldly committed to charting a new path, together?

Are you a leader for justice, seeking the support and skills to challenge unjust systems?



Do you want to be a catalyst of change in your life and community?

...then Eagle Rock is for you.