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American Honda Motor Company set out in May 1989 to find opportunities to further its long-term commitment of contributing to society in an area unrelated to the company's daily business needs. Through careful research, the vision that became Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center was created.

That vision was of a school that would intervene in the lives of young people by promoting community, integrity and democracy. Through relationships with school districts and institutions of higher education, Eagle Rock would offer professional development opportunities to help strengthen other schools ­ locally and nationally.

American Honda Education Corporation was founded as a nonprofit corporation in February 1991 and shortly thereafter the Head of School was hired. The development of the program began to take shape with the hiring of the Directors of Curriculum, Students and Operations and the first group of Instructional Specialists.

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held in September 1992. The first group of students arrived in September 1993 to begin their studies and to participate in the design of the school's culture and program. The school held its grand opening in September 1994 and celebrated its first graduates in April 1995.  

Eagle Rock celebrated 25 years of learning in 2018 and 30 years of operation  in 2023.

Forever - A Unique Approach to Philanthropy


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“So, just how long do you intend to support this school and professional development center in our county?” a Grand County, Colo., commissioner asked in 1992.

“Forever,” replied Mak Itabashi and Tom Dean. They were speaking for American Honda Motor Co., which would go on to create the Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center in Estes Park, Colo.

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