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Social Justice & Anti-Racism

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Eagle Rock is an anti-racist, social justice organization and engaging in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion work is part of the fabric of the organization.  We actively create an equitable school community for the sake of our students’ success.  We address behavior that perpetuates historic injustices and systemic oppression.

DEI is woven throughout everything we do. It is a lens through which we understand the world and our community. It informs all the decisions we make from curricular design to hiring and everything in between. We believe that everyone has internalized aspects of oppression in our world, and that we need to do active personal and structural work to dismantle that. We engage in personal work together through somatic practices that allow us to move away from our conditioned stress responses to a grounded space where we can take action aligned with our purpose rather than how we’ve been socialized. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Vision

We engage in our unique experiences, skills, identities and their intersectionality as assets in fostering a beloved community where we all feel safe, seen, heard, and valued.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mission

We are a commitment to honoring our diverse perspectives, affecting individual and organizational change, and leading through our humanity.