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Is Eagle Rock right for me?

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Here are some factors to consider when making this decision:

  1. Open-Mindedness: Eagle Rock's approach challenges traditional education norms. If you are open to new ideas, perspectives, and ways of learning, you might find the school's unconventional methods stimulating and enriching.  The "right" Eagle Rock student is a student that is ready to choose Eagle Rock.

  2. Outdoor Education: If you enjoy outdoor activities, experiential learning in natural settings, and the opportunity to learn through real-world experiences, Eagle Rock's outdoor education component could be appealing.  Learn more about the new student orientation here.

  3. Educational Philosophy: Eagle Rock School's educational philosophy emphasizes experiential learning, community engagement, and a focus on personal growth. If you are drawn to hands-on learning, community involvement, and a non-traditional approach to education, Eagle Rock might align with your values.

  4. Learning Style: Eagle Rock's approach involves personalized and project-based learning. If you thrive in a setting where you have more autonomy over your learning, enjoy working on projects, and value interdisciplinary learning, this could be a good fit.

  5. Small Class Sizes: Eagle Rock maintains small class sizes, allowing for more individualized attention from teachers. If you prefer a more close-knit and supportive learning environment, this could be beneficial for your academic journey.

  6. Alternative Assessment: The school focuses on competency-based assessment rather than traditional grades. If you are motivated by demonstrating your understanding through hands-on projects, presentations, and other non-traditional assessment methods, you might thrive in this environment.

  7. Community Engagement: The school places a strong emphasis on community engagement and service learning. If you're interested in making a positive impact on your community and the world around you, Eagle Rock's commitment to community involvement might resonate with you.  Our values are reflected in our daily schedule.

  8. Personal Growth: Eagle Rock places a strong emphasis on personal growth, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. If you're looking for an education that goes beyond academics and prioritizes your holistic development, this could be a good fit.