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Eagle Rock School alumni are a unique group of individuals who, at some point in their life, decided that our small community in Estes Park was an opportunity to transform their life and purpose. They reside, work, and play all around the United States and beyond, bringing 8+5=10 values into existence well after their time at Eagle Rock is over.

When we think about alumni, our definition is inclusive. Some people have come to Eagle Rock for just a trimester, but their experience was just what they needed at just the right time in their life. Some people have joined our community, continued for some time, and gone on to complete their high school diploma as their home school. Eagle Rock presented an opportunity for those individuals to gain value perspective, experience, and learning that has propelled them toward their high school diploma. 

Some people come to Eagle Rock and graduate. Our graduates fully embody our values, represent a significant, lifelong, commitment to what Eagle Rock is all about, and are a special part of our alumni community. Pictures of our graduates end up on the wall in the Professional Development Center where they stand alongside 30+ years of possibility and transformation.