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Transcripts & Diplomas

Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center abides by the regulations set forth in the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). As a result, alumni, schools, and other organizations seeking student records must submit a formal request to access the existing records on file. This includes the submission of school documents such as transcripts to individuals who attended Eagle Rock, or to organizations seeking these documents. All transcript requests must be directly from the student of record or authorized by the student of record.

If you are seeking an official transcript, please remember that this document must be either (a) transmitted directly from Eagle Rock to a specific institution (e.g. college) or individual (e.g. employer) or (b) transmitted to the requesting individual in a signed, sealed envelope. Once the requesting individual is in possession of this official document, it may be used in official capacity as long as the signature and seal remain intact. Once the signature and seal are broken (e.g. the envelope is opened), the document becomes unofficial.

Requests for Eagle Rock School transcripts should be made by filling out this request form.

Further questions about transcripts can be sent via email to