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Learning Happens Everywhere

At Eagle Rock, we are committed to a dual curriculum that centers both academic learning and personal growth. Students are engaged in a process of learning about themselves, each other, and the world around them.

All academic classes include

  • Culturally and historically responsive literacy

  • Engaging, deep learning that is competency based

  • A holistic approach

Academic Learning Models

  • Project based learning

  • Social emotional learning

  • Group learning

  • Work based learning

  • Experiential learning

Academic Classes Are 

  • Small, with a maximum of 12 students per class

  • Mixed age and mixed ability

  • Interdisciplinary

  • Hands on, minds on

  • Competency based

Demonstrations of Learning Include 

  • Portfolios

  • Exhibitions

  • Performances

  • Projects

  • Presentations

Human Sexuality Assessment Example

In Human Sexuality, students collectively established a goal statement for the course: “To have an equitable, just, and inclusive human sexuality curriculum.”

Meow Wolf Assessment Example

In Meow Wolf: The Art of Immersion, students transformed a space on campus into an immersive, interactive art installation piece.

Borders and Identities Assessment Example

In Borders and Identities students explored their own identity frames through the lens of the current immigration in the United States, primarily looking closely at the U.S.-Mexican border, detention centers, and impact of natural disasters, violence, and war on asylum seekers and refugees.

Below you’ll find the CORE DISTINGUISHERS OF EAGLE ROCK's approach 

What Eagle Rock School Is What Eagle Rock School Is Not
Competency Based Seat Time Based
Restorative Punitive
Wholistic Solely Academic
Engaging, Deep Learning Survey Courses
Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive White Centered
Beloved Community Individuals
Values Based Rules Based
Embodied Leadership Compliance