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Life after Eagle Rock is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Our alumni find pathways that resonate with their values, aspirations, and desire to be in community. Some of our alumni go on to college, some go on to trade school, some start businesses, some enter the military. When we talk about supporting life after Eagle Rock here on campus, we truly take an inclusive, positive, and supportive approach.

We do, however, recognize the need for our alumni to continue to learn after they finish high school. What form this learning takes is certainly flexible based on the young person’s needs, but a commitment to lifelong learning is critical to wellbeing and happiness for every individual.


To further understand some of the options that our alumni tend to explore have a look at these six options that Eagle Rock students have pursued:

California Conservation Corps Back Country Trails Program

Western State College of Construction

Emily Griffith Technical College

Advance EDU

Williamson College of the Trades

Outer Coast

College Matriculation

Many of our alumni also choose to go to college after graduation. Increasingly, they are taking advantage of Community College as a continuing learning opportunity, yet university attendance is a common path as well. Students who have chosen college as a path have attend the following:

Antioch College, Berklee College of Music, Cal State Univ-San Francisco, Clark Atlanta University, Colorado College, Colorado State University, Columbia College Chicago, Contra Costa Community College, Culinary Institute of America, Eckerd College, Eugene Lang College, Evergreen State College, Hampshire College, Hollins University, Hood College, Humboldt State University, Mills College, Morehouse College, Naropa University, National Outdoor Leadership School, the National Park Service, Northern Colorado University, Outward Bound, Pikes Peak Community College, Prescott College, San Francisco State University, Sarah Lawrence College, Savannah College of Art & Design, Simmons College, SUNY-Stony Brook, University of Colorado-Boulder & Denver, University of Denver, University of Vermont, Warren Wilson College, Wellesley College, Wesleyan College.

The Graduate Fund

All of our graduates have access to the Graduate Fund to help them finance their postsecondary learning experiences. Some will use this fund to pay for college tuition, others will use it to pay for online coursework, in-person workshops, or other means to level up their skills. The graduate fund is not restricted to college costs, but is designed to support a wide-range of learning opportunities that allow our graduates to get closer to their future goals.

Name: Taileigh

Home State: Massachusetts

Taileigh started her Eagle Rock career with a strong interest in helping others. This was initially in the healthcare field with some thoughts about teaching. As she uncovered more interests and skill sets in Eagle Rock classes, Taileigh found a passion for social justice work and writing. She took on leadership as a Lead Student Ambassador, in her residential house, and within Eagle Rock’s LGBTQIA+ community. These experiences further expanded Taileigh’s thoughts of how she might help others in her future work.

Postsecondary Plans: Colorado College with a race, ethnicity, and migration major.

Name: Angel

Home State: California

Angel’s life after graduation plans started with his first wilderness trip. As he completed the final run-in, he knew he wanted to spend as much time outdoors as possible. During his Eagle Rock career, Angel spent more than 150 days in the wilderness as a participant, student instructor, and staff member. This includes an epic 30-day course in the Waddington mountain range with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), largely considered to be one of the most challenging outdoor courses available.

Postsecondary Plans: Wilderness instructor at a camp and continued NOLS instructor training.

Name: Cody

Home State: Texas

Cody came to Eagle Rock with some deep skepticism around attending college. Yet as he learned in classes, and uncovered a strong interest in health, wellness, athletics, and exercise, he realized that the health sciences would be the right path for his future. Cody furthered this interest by revamping Eagle Rock’s Workout Warrior program, creating a platform that was more inclusive, clear, and supportive of a wide range of workout opportunities for students. He plans to continue to connect with others around their exercise and health goals in the future.

Postsecondary Plans: Colorado State University with a major in exercise science.