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Real World Learning (RWL) is an opportunity for students to design and pursue credit-bearing experiences that occur off campus. From fall through spring, students work with Eagle Rock staff to identify short- and long-term personal goals and then explore opportunities that can help them achieve those goals. Opportunities typically fall in three main categories: professional, educational, and experiential.In the summer trimester, students will spend the first half of the term on the Eagle Rock campus in academic programming. Students then depart campus for the second 5 weeks which encompasses the RWL portion of the trimester. During that time students may be in their home communities or another location dependent on the opportunity they have chosen.

Examples of experiences that students have engaged in previously include: 

  • Sailing apprentice at a community boating center
  • Academic pre-college programs
  • Lifeguard training
  • Youth mentoring for summer school programs
  • Summer camp staff
  • National Outdoor Leadership School and Outward Bound expeditions
  • Birthright experience in Israel
  • Driver’s education

Students ultimately earn credit for Real World Learning by:

  • Engaging in planned experience(s) for at least 20 hours each week

  • Reflecting on and documenting their personal Real World Learning experience

  • Meeting virtually with an Eagle Rock point person each week for support and progress monitoring

  • Collecting evidence to demonstrate related academic competencies

  • Presenting their learnings in a Real World Learning Exhibition on campus at the start of the fall trimester