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Black History Month: Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness

Black History Month: Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness

In celebration of Black History Month, Sara Gagnon, Eagle Rock's Fitness and Nutrition Consultant, has compiled a non-exhaustive living list of Black fitness, nutrition, and wellness professionals and creators whose (free) labor deserves your eyes, ears, and support. Fitness, food, and wellness ARE political, and social justice and personal well-being are inextricably connected. 

Fitness/Movement, Nutrition and Body Image

Mindfulness and Well-being

Books: I think these can be a part of introducing yourself to the intersection of fitness, fatphobia and anti-Blackness and racism

Books about food justice:

And for some fitness Black history you might not know about, here’s an introduction to Kathy Grant, an acclaimed choreographer who studied under Joseph Pilates and is responsible for bringing Pilates to the U.S. Check out this article, mentioned in the video.

Lastly, check out this post from All Bikes Welcome about 3 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month as a Cycling Enthusiast!

Happy training, happy learning. Please feel free to add to this list and this conversation!