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Empowering Student Voices: The Eagle Rock Student Ambassador Program

Empowering Student Voices: The Eagle Rock Student Ambassador Program

Cory Brodnax, Professional Development Associate at Eagle Rock, wears many hats within the institution. From internal and external professional development to managing the Student Ambassador Program and overseeing Presentations of Learning, his dedication to fostering a collaborative and student-driven environment is evident. At the heart of this effort lies the impactful Student Ambassador Program, a partnership between students and educators aimed at enhancing the Eagle Rock student experience and partnering with schools nationwide.

A Collaborative Approach to Leadership

The Student Ambassador Program is more than just a title; it's a collaborative effort between student ambassadors and adults like Cory. Built upon the foundation of student voice and agency, the program empowers students who aspire to take on active leadership roles within and beyond the campus. These student ambassadors serve as conduits between Eagle Rock and the community, providing valuable feedback to enhance our initiatives. Eagle Rock is pleased to welcome four new ambassadors this upcoming school year after three student ambassadors graduated this past year. 

Elevating Voices and Forging Connections

Student ambassadors act as the voice of the school, engaging with prospective students, hosting tours, and offering insights into their own experiences. They play a pivotal role in shaping initiatives like Eagle Rock’s ChangeMakers Cohort and contribute to the continuous improvement of the school. By involving students in decision-making processes, Eagle Rock demonstrates its commitment to treating student opinions with the same respect and evaluation as those of the staff.

Preparing Leaders for the Future

Beyond feedback and communication, the Student Ambassador Program equips students with essential leadership and professional skills. The program focuses on developing skills such as designing and leading workshops, networking, project management, and collaboration. Weekly engagements ensure students are well-prepared and confident in these areas. Graduates of the program emerge as polished and skilled individuals, ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

Eagle Rock's approach to the Student Ambassador Program is a testament to our core philosophy of co-creation and partnership. By centering student voices and embracing a collaborative mindset, the program not only benefits students but also enriches the entire school community. The success of the program lies in recognizing that young people possess brilliant ideas and insights and fostering an environment that values and amplifies their contributions.

In a world that demands holistic preparedness, the Student Ambassador Program goes beyond academics, nurturing the professional and leadership skills necessary for success. As students engage in real-world experiences, network with professionals, and refine their capabilities, they are positioned to thrive both at Eagle Rock and beyond.

To truly unlock the potential of such a program, all stakeholders must adopt the mindset of a mutual partnership. The success of the Student Ambassador Program demonstrates that when students' voices are valued and integrated, and when collaboration becomes a cornerstone, remarkable transformations can occur. The ripple effects of this program extend far beyond the classroom, preparing a generation of curious, dedicated, and influential leaders who are well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.