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Explore, Learn, and Create: A Journey through Eagle Rock School's Unique Classes this Trimester

Explore, Learn, and Create: A Journey through Eagle Rock School's Unique Classes this Trimester

You might be surprised at the classes offered at Eagle Rock School. You’re just as likely to see students dancing to Latin music as you are gardening or learning to direct a comedy show. Nestled in the picturesque surroundings, Eagle Rock offers a transformative experience for students who seek a combination of academic rigor and creative exploration. Let's take a closer look at some of the captivating classes that make Eagle Rock School stand out.

Students at Eagle Rock have morning and afternoon classes. These classes take place over the entire 10-week trimester, or they can split into 5-week courses. Eagle Rock courses fall into certain credit categories and for ease of understanding, their traditional credit counterparts are listed, as well, to demonstrate the innovative ways Eagle Rock instructors are able to engage their students. Here’s a look at the courses:

Morning Block Course Options:

1. Observe, Collect, Draw

   - ERS Credit Category: Expanding Knowledge Base

   - Traditional Credit: Math

In "Observe, Collect, Draw," students embark on a 10-week journey exploring the intersection of observation, drawing, creativity, and mathematics. From personal data collection to community exploration, students learn to analyze, summarize, and communicate insights through visual representations and written explanations.

2. Musica and Movements of Latin America

   - ERS Credit Category: Engaged Global Citizen & Effective Communication

   - Traditional Credit: Spanish & Music

Dive into the dynamic forces shaping Latin America in "Musica and Movements." This 10-week class explores social and political movements, integrating Spanish vocabulary, cultural context, and musical influences. The class culminates in a production-performance, celebrating the rich history and future possibilities of social movements through music.

3. In Your Face

   - ERS Credit Category: Effective Communication

   - Traditional Credit: Visual Art

"In Your Face" is a 5-week class that breaks down complex images, teaching students to draw expressive, realistic portraits. Using the grid method and shading techniques, students explore emotions and expressions in classic artworks, making drawing portraits more accessible and less intimidating.

4. Sea Perch Robotics

   - ERS Credit Category: Expanding Knowledge Base

   - Traditional Credit: Science

For those interested in building, electronics, and competition, "Sea Perch Robotics" is the ideal choice. This 5-week class involves building an underwater ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle), offering hands-on experience in technical design and teamwork. Teams represent Eagle Rock in regional competitions, showcasing their Sea Perch ROV.

5. Writing Remix

   - ERS Credit Category: Effective Communication

   - Traditional Credit: English

"Writing Remix" delves into various essay types, teaching students to locate credible sources, create logical outlines, and write for different purposes and audiences. The class culminates in a portfolio containing polished essays, providing essential skills for college-bound students.

6. Nutritious & Delicious 

   - ERS Credit Category: Creating Healthy Life Choices

   - Traditional Credit: Science

Explore the clash between nutritious and delicious in this 5-week course. This class involves experiments and interviews related to the food served in the ERS Lodge, with students making suggestions based on nutritional knowledge and taste preferences.

7. Feminism Is For Everybody 

   - ERS Credit Category: Expanding Knowledge Base

   - Traditional Credit: Social Studies

Addressing questions about feminism, this class uses bell hooks' "Feminism Is for Everybody" as a main text. Students explore the intersectionality of feminism, understanding its significance in the context of capitalism, patriarchy, and racism.

8. Graduate Seminar

   - ERS Credit Category: Expanding Knowledge Base & Life Skills

   - Traditional Credit: Elective

Tailored for students planning to graduate in December, "Graduate Seminar" focuses on post-graduation life planning. It helps students explore potential paths, assess support networks, and develop the skills needed for their future endeavors.

Afternoon Block Course Options

1. We The People

   - ERS Credit Category: Leadership For Justice DR + Power Standard

   - Traditional Credit: Civics

"We The People" emphasizes the importance of research and information in promoting equity. Students develop leadership skills, become comfortable with public speaking, and gain confidence in articulating their thoughts effectively.

2. Human Sexuality

    - ERS Credit Category: Creating Healthy Life Choices + Human Sexuality Required Experience

    - Traditional Credit: Health

In "Human Sexuality," students explore questions about sex, safety, healthy relationships, body image, and gender roles. Through discussions, writing, and critical thinking, students gain a comprehensive understanding of sexual health. Learn more about this course in one of our recent blog posts.

3. Lifeguarding

    - ERS Credit: Creating Healthy Life Choices + possible Lifeguard Certification

    - Traditional Credit: PE

"Lifeguarding" offers an opportunity to improve swimming skills, learn rescue techniques, and gain First Aid & CPR certification. The class combines pool safety, risk management, and advanced swim rescues.

4. Sow Seeds and Start Something

    - ERS Credit: Expanding Knowledge Base + Service Project & Reflection

    - Traditional Credit: Science

This class explores food production, sustainability, and environmental justice through hands-on experience in horticulture. Students actively contribute to the school community by identifying opportunities to enhance engagement with the greenhouse and garden.

5. Eagle Rock: The Show

    - ERS Credit Category: Effective Communication 

    - Traditional Credit: Visual Art

"Eagle Rock: The Show" teaches students how to write, direct, and edit videos for an informational comedy show. The class emphasizes problem-solving, research skills, and patience in creating a show that is both entertaining and informative.

6. 5 Stars 

    - ERS Credit Category: Effective Communication

    - Traditional Credit: English

"5 Stars" is a class focused on writing reviews. Students explore various review formats and submit a portfolio containing polished reviews, showcasing their growth as writers and curious individuals.

Eagle Rock School's classes offer a diverse range of experiences, encouraging students to explore, learn, and create. If you're ready for a transformative education that goes beyond the traditional, take the leap and apply for your spot at Eagle Rock School today. Your journey awaits!