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Donate to Our Graduate Fund

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The Eagle Rock Graduate Fund for Higher Education was established early on in our existence to support and encourage our graduates to continue learning after their time at Eagle Rock. The fund can be used by any graduate to pay for a wide range of educational expenses, from tuition, to books, to course fees and much more.

The graduate fund currently supports each Eagle Rock graduate with $14,000 towards the costs of higher education. As we continue to build the fund, we will offer more to each graduate, always retroactively. The more donations we receive, the larger the fund grows, and the greater the financial support we can offer to our graduates.

Please complete the form below to donate. Donations of any size are gratefully welcomed and 100% of your donation supports the higher education of our graduates. Gifts are tax-deductible and donors receive an email that can be used for tax purposes. 

While you can donate at any time, one fun and popular way to donate is to buy a duck at the annual Estes Park Duck Race each May, where you can win prizes!

Graduate Higher Education Fund Donation


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