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At Eagle Rock School, our commitment is to nurture students holistically by fostering their intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth. In addition to academic advancement, we consider personal growth, social-emotional learning, and overall well-being as essential components of the dual curriculum offered at Eagle Rock School. Our Health and Wellness (H&W) team plays a pivotal role in helping students cultivate the skills needed for a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life, while also providing care and services for immediate health needs.

Eagle Rock School was founded on the principle that our program and community should actively promote well-being and the acquisition of skills, practices, and habits that support a healthy life. At a time when loneliness has become an epidemic, our program encourages students to build connections with peers, faculty, nature, and themselves. Situated on a sprawling, 680-acre campus which includes conservation land, our students have the chance to disconnect from technology and many daily pressures facing young peoples, and to establish or deepen their bond with the natural world. Our community regularly gathers to foster connections, share information, cultivate joy, celebrate rites of passage and collaborate. This sense of community extends to classroom spaces and student housing. The emphasis on belonging, being acknowledged, and having a voice is crucial for overall well-being.

These opportunities allow students to disconnect from technology and daily stressors, learn confidence-building skills rooted in kindness, enhance relationships with peers and faculty, and practice mindfulness during outdoor experiences. Required sport and service programs offer valuable outlets for active minds, promoting mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, the emphasis on personal growth, community membership, connection, acknowledgment, and being heard significantly contributes to the well-being of our students.