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Changemaker Cohort

At Eagle Rock, our mission is to cultivate a community of changemakers who are deeply committed to social justice and anti-racism. The essence of our Changemaker Cohort lies in uniting partnerships between adults and students from across the country.

Our aim is to amplify our impact through a framework centered on anti-racism, an approach that emphasizes existing strengths, processes like Improvement Science and a foundation in wellness practices.If you're dedicated to driving positive change and empowering students, this is your invitation to embark on this profound transformative journey.

Changemaker teams have implemented projects successfully reaching the following AIMS:

  • By June 1, 2023, 80% of Community Members report they are proud of the Media and Branding (website).
  • By June 2023, 100% of the learning community will be able to explain a working prototype of the new set of graduation requirements.
  • June 1, 2023 100% of student will be authentically, creatively & effectively demonstrating their learning.
  • By June 1, 2023 100% of departments will understand their team’s equity baseline and where they fall among all departments
  • By June 2024, 80% of learners and staff will be able to describe their health and wellness plan.
  • By June 24, 2024, 80% of students will be actively engaged and attend targeted  classes.
  • By June, 2024, 100% of advisories will have a deeper understanding of food sustainability practices.
  • By June, 2024, 80% of students will understand and be aware of how restorative practices work.

Building Partnerships in Line with Social Justice

The Changemaker Cohort seeks out partners who share our commitment to social justice and anti-racism. We firmly believe that authentic collaboration between adults and students, characterized by shared decision-making rather than hierarchical power dynamics, is pivotal for creating substantial impact. Our cohort comprises six pairs of adults and students, thoughtfully chosen from various parts of the United States. By bringing together individuals who are deeply invested in justice and equity, our goal is to foster a community that offers support and cultivates thoughtful partnerships.

Amplifying Influence

To ensure the Changemaker Cohort's influence is maximized, we operate within an anti-racist framework, champion an approach focused on utilizing existing strengths, and underscore the importance of wellness practices. The cohort tackles pressing issues such as environmental racism and the mental health of students and staff. Through empathetic interviews, shared experiences, and mutual mentorship, participants gain invaluable insights that inform their projects and guide them in enacting positive change in both their communities and the broader world.

Nurturing Connections

At the core of the Changemaker Cohort lie connection and collaboration. Our aim is to establish a powerful network effect wherein the efforts of each pair synchronize to amplify learning and influence. The cohort is built on a foundation of utilizing existing strengths, directing attention towards the unique gifts and abilities of each member. Grounded in wellness practices, the environment encourages genuine connections, acknowledging the importance of being fully present as human beings.

Invitation to Join the Cohort

Participation in the Changemaker Cohort offers a transformative year-long experience for six pairs of changemakers hailing from different corners of the country. Through in-person gatherings and continuous coaching support, participants have the opportunity to implement projects that empower and equip students for their future journeys. During the gatherings, travel, accommodations, and meals are covered, and a $2,000 stipend is provided to support projects throughout the year. School leadership endorsement and a committed student partner are prerequisites for joining the cohort.

Eagle Rock's Changemaker Cohort stands as a liberating force in education, providing the next generation of leaders the tools to claim their power and find their voices. Through nurturing adult-student partnerships rooted in social justice and anti-racism, we foster a community defined by support, collaboration, and learning. If you're poised to transform yourself, your students, and the world at large, we invite you to join us in the Changemaker Cohort. Together, we can pave the way for a more equitable and just future for everyone.  Please submit a Changemaker Cohort Interest Form here and we'll follow up with you.

Changemaker Cohort

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